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Refuge in You Chords (Transposable):

   D          C
I love You I need You
Your my saving King
   D   C        G
Holy, awesome, God of everything
   D     C           G
Refuge, shelter I'm safe beneath your wings
D          C
Jesus your love has covered me

(verse 1) 
G            D      Em         C
Lord I have found a refuge in You
G                    D           C
A hiding place where I can enter in
G           D         Em             C
I meet You there and tell You all my trouble
     Em                D       C
You touch my heart and I am comforted

(verse 2)
Am7       G/B          C    D
You're my defense when I'm afraid
Am7           G/B     C           D
When troubles come I call on Your name
Am7        G/B         C       D
I lift my eyes to the highest place
Am7             G/B     
The dark clouds break and 
      C         D          Am7     G/B         C        D
I can see Your face I can see Your face I can see your face

Musical Bridge 
G D Em C

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