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Caught in the Moment Chords (Transposable):

B  F#
B     F#        G#m          E
Every morning I praise and sing to thee
B           F#               G#m      E
You're slow to wrath and swift to bless my soul
B          F#      G#m      E
Your love endures unchanging, o, halleluiah

B           F#           G#m
Cover me with your grace
Shine on me with your light
B           F#               G#m
Take your arms hold me tight
Keep me caught in the moment

B      F#     G#m      E
Every night I pray myself to sleep
B         F#      G#m     E
I look to you and plead my soul you�ll keep
B    F#        G#m     E
You endure unchanging, o halleluiah


B     C#m   E

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