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Shaken Up Chords (Transposable):

I'm shaken up, I'm falling down
I'm feeling like the rug's been pulled
Beneath my feet, there's shifting ground
I'm reaching out, I need your hand

D2/F#   D2/G      D2/F#    D2/G

                 Asus4                                 D2/F#   D2/G   D2/F#
I"m calling out to you,  embrace me again
                  Asus4                                D2/F#   D2/G   G2/D 
Em11  D2
I'm crying out to you, come meet me again

I'm waiting here, in my living room
I'll play for you and I'll yell like a madman
Come sing to me like a father would
And still my heart with your melodies


I'll suffocate, won't you let me out
I'm asking you where's the treasure now
Oh, you have my heart, only you can know
I"m still searching more now than I've ever searched before

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